BS rollen

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We're on the move

When we got rolling in 1991, we were busy in Remscheid distributing high quality wheels and castors. But then success created new demands. Innovative conveyance technology and specialised transport equipment were included in the product range. The "old premises" quickly became too small and in 1994 BS Rollen were able to move into their own administration and logistics building which, at the end of 2007, will be extended by a further large logistics building.

With the passage of time we were not only constantly upgrading our quality requirements but also extending the product range to over 10,000 different articles.  This enables us to fulfill the wishes of our demanding customers in trade and industry.

So what's next?
You tell us...

BS Rollen aren't only available in Germany  -  you'll find our representatives in the leading European markets.
Oh yes, we're really on the move...

Historical obligations

Artisans in and around Remscheid have been producing articles made of iron and steel since the middle ages.
Quality products have always been the trade mark of this region, as they are today. We like to think that we're adding something: good ideas, dependable service and delivery and our pledge to make the impossible possible for our customers... you can take us up on that.